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23th September 2021
You might not know that I love a cinch, I *really* love a cinch.

You guys are honestly amazing – I feel like companies have to spend thousands on market research, discovering exactly what their audiences are looking for, with focus groups and uncertain results. But gosh – how cool is it that I have such an amazing community that shares with me every single day what they are liking and not liking. I can literally tailor my content to make sure it’s what you’re after! And this is the perfect example.

The People Have Spoken

Earlier this month I launched my most successful collection with Karen Millen – and if you haven’t had the chance to check it out, there are a few style still available to add to your autumn wardrobe. We sold out of some styles within 20 mins (which for me was one of the highlights of my LIFE), and the reaction was fantastic. We used the warmth of autumn colours to hue the wool and silk, and brought in the depth of heritage fabrics to complete the quintessentially English countryside look. I took it upon myself to style out some of the coats and jumpers with belts that weren’t part of the collection, but part of my personal wardrobe (as an added personal touch!) and I’ve received so many questions about where people can find the waistbelts that I used to style out my collection.

The Beauty of the Cinch

If you are new around these personal pages of mine on the internet you might not know that I love a cinch, I *really* love a cinch. A cinched waist has become a bit of a signature look of mine and I am totally happy to go with that. I’ve always been pretty athletic in both build and abilities, well I was back in secondary school so that statement definitely still stands today at 33, right? But it meant I was never blessed with a pronounced waist or envious curves, thankfully these days it doesn’t really bother me though because: A. I like to think we’re on a steady path to move past the agonising we all once did over the pages of Vogue, and B. Our bodies are amazing, they do incredible things every day like healing itself and producing life so it seems pretty silly to waste time worrying over irrelevant things like how it looks especially when we can dress them up exactly how we want and express ourselves however we see fit, every single day.

This is why I love the waistbelt and why its a staple in my wardrobe, not only because it adds a tough elegance to every outfit I pair them with, but they are super functional too. I genuinely use them to keep me warmer in the colder months by bringing my layers closer to the body – holding scarves and cardigans in place so they don’t blow around in the UK winds which can be pretty impressive at times.

So I’ve popped together an edit of my favourite waistbelts which you can shop right now to see you through the season ahead.

Disclaimer Alert!

Now what I’m about to pitch is slightly punchy in terms of price-point. I know a lot of you out there might be thinking – wow that is QUITE the price-tag Lydia. Let me justify – if you are going to shop on the high street (which we all do), I really think that investing in high-quality accessories is the way to elevate that look and make it look more designer. Not to mention that these items will literally last you a lifetime (and more… I have visions of passing them down to my future grandchildren!), so try to see them as a cost-per-wear sort of deal. And believe me, you will wear them over and over again.

Favourite Waistbelt Designers

Alexander McQueen

I’ve added in three of the belts from this English design house because they just get me – they have mastered the art of bringing in heavier leather belts which add a touch of modernity to a classic outfit. The perfect combination of rocker meets elegant.


Leave it to the Italians to make the most delicious leather goods, including one of my favourite belts to style my autumn wardrobe and latest collection out in. There is something a little more chunky about this one but to me it add a real cool factor to the look.


Who doesn’t like a bit of Gucci Horsebit? It really is the emblem of timeless style, and is particularly fitting with the Heritage Collection I’ve launched. Also if you’re worried about the thickness of the waistbelt, this one is slightly more sleek for any petites out there.

What did you think of that waistbelt round-up?

I always love to hear from you so drop me a message in the comments below if you felt like this blog was useful or if you needed more information than what I gave you. This is part of the beauty of having a lovely community, I’m here to grow from all of your feedback and take on board what I could be doing better. Sending you lots of love for the weekend!

Lydia x

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  • Tanika Tucker
    30th September 2021 at 5:15 pm

    Hi Lydia, great article. I am obbsessed with the Alexander Mcqueen double buckle belt, and have been since you first purchased it. Are you aware of any similar belts at a lower price point?

    All the best,
    Tanika xx

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