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12th July 2016 Beauty


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Every day my love of beauty intensifies. With every brush stroke I learn of more and more exciting techniques, products and essentials, beauty is something which never stops intriguing me and experimenting with my blank canvas is a source of daily excitement. But sometimes, just sometimes there are those few basic products, utterly essential to every day beauty, which are undoubtedly anything but Basic.


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[lem_title]NO GREASE ALLOWED[/lem_title]

Serums and hair oils are not for everyone, especially those with soft fine hair. However even my horse hair can get bogged down with oils, meaning I need a refresh sooner than I ever expected. That three day wash rotation is seriously important and I don’t like to deter from the routine so I’m always on the look out for alternatives. Queue OUAI, never have I seen a buzz around a haircare brand like I did this one and as soon as it was in my possession all other products were swiftly put on the back burner until I had sussed this would-be game changer out.

“The end result is

luxurious shine with a touch of


The product it’s self reminds me of an old Bed Head finishing cream, I cant exactly remember what it was called but it came in a pink tube which resembled a microphone, I remember the shape well as that is exactly what I pretended it was whilst dancing around my bedroom to Destiny’s Child in my underwear.

But the Finishing Crème from OUAI is sophisticated. The scent is that of a woman who likes to take care of herself, she isn’t fruity or floral, she’s strong, deep and driven. The scent softens throughout the day but lingers on the hair subtly whilst the crème itself provides the lengths of your hair with a surge of moisture and shine as well as added heat protection, because this girl right here loves some deep heat styling I can tell you that for free. The end result is a luxurious shine with a touch of second-day-hair.


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset


[lem_title]PROTECTION PERFECTION[/lem_title]

The base, the fundamental, the foundation of the foundation; Priming your skin is where beautiful skin begins and it’s not just about the immediate result. It’s the continued care and protection your chosen primer has to offer which really switches things up.

If SPF isn’t at the forefront of your mind when selecting a primer then you seriously need to reevaluate your priorities because we aren’t getting any younger and the sun isn’t helping either. The problem I have come to face, pardon the pun,  when it comes to sun protection and make up is that they have had a conflict of interest over the passed few years. Your make up wants to stay, it wants to last an eternity but slathering a layer of every day SPF, with it’s softening creams & oils at the base of it all means it’s unlikely to succeed.

The Maestro UV Skin Defense Primer from Giorgio Armani Beauty is the whole package; a jaw dropping factor 50SPF which mattifies almost instantly on contact with your skin leaving you with a protected and perfected base which is ready for a touch of radiance c/o Fluid Sheer in shade 2 and some Luminous Silk for desert. You. Are. Welcome.

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[lem_title]THE BALM DOT COM[/lem_title]

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If there’s one thing a matte lipstick lover should never be without, it’s pocket sized baby wipes for when it all gets too much and you need a little refresh a lèvres. But if there’s two things, and I strongly suggest there is, it’s a good balm and I’m not talking petrolium jelly here, the name alone scares me, I’m talking nourishing, hydrating  balms that care for and prep your lips for the drying effects of matte lipsticks. The Chanel Hydra Beauty Balm, which I have raved about countless time is the perfect option for us girls that don’t have overly dry lips but need a little extra help here and there, like before lipstick application or after lip exfoliation. It doesn’t leave a glossy finish which means it works well to hydrate your lips in preparation for the colour of the day, which for me is nude, always nude.


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[lem_title]BRIGHT EYES[/lem_title]

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I never realised how important sleep would be. As a child I drifted off without a care in the world but as an adult I worry and stress over some really embarrassingly irrelevant crap sometimes which results in nothing more productive than dull tired eyes the following day, and possibly a mood to match. Right after an ice cold splash of water to my face and some brightening eyedrops, I reach for the softest, most pigmented White Kohl Liner from Zoeva.

“Now if only Zoeva could innovate

something for my god awful mood,

that really would be fabulous.”


In one sweep my eyes are wide, almost doll like and ready to seize the day. Now if only Zoeva could innovate something for my god awful mood, that really would be fabulous.


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[lem_title]BLUSH & HIGHLIGT[/lem_title]

Shampoo/Conditioners, the “Skort” and the “Spork”, needless to say 2-in-1 products have never been held in considerably high regard but the new NARS 413 BLKR Blush duo is the product I never knew I needed. Offering up the pop of pink from the BLKR blush and a subtle soft reflective shimmer from the BLKR highlight, not only is the product a real innovation when it comes to a natural looking blush and highlight but its two full sized products in a handy compact that slips straight into the ever shrinking handbags of today’s bloggers.



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