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25th November 2011 Outfits

“And the award for the worlds best leggings goes to….”



Beanie – Peacocks mens
Blouse – Primark
Necklace – Miss Selfridge
Leggings – Melody Direct
Boots – Topshop


Ok so maybe they aren’t the “World’s best leggings” (I think that will go to my BlackMilk galaxy leggings when I finally get round to ordering them) but they definitely deserve a hell of a lot of praise seeing as I genuinely nearly wet myself when I saw them and am now petrified I’m going to ruin them and never be able to get another pair. I got them from Melody Northampton which is a rarity as they don’t normally do my size (I fluctuate between a UK 4 and 6) so I usually get my leggings from kids sections ha-ha! But I was over the moon when they fit and wore them out that very night minus the hat plus a messy bun and Alexa clutch.
As always though, they aren’t available on their website but I’m pretty sure you’d be able to telephone order them as they have sold numerous amounts of shoes this way since my blog went live. Seriously though Melody….sort your friggin’ stock to website ratio!!
On another note, make sure you check out the anonymous guest writer “Dave” on my “Buyingtings – for him” tab above, I’ll be posting his frustrations over mens fashion here and there after a number of requests from some male readers….I am trying to get him to outfit post but I think that may give away who he is and he’s a Professional Sports player so maybe not such a good thing no?!

Anyway I start my new job at SuperDry tomorrow after a bit of a screw up on my part with Miss Selfridge…Basically there hours weren’t enough so when Superdry said I got the job I planned to do both….but then they upped there offer and now Lydia is a lil unpopular I think, I do genuinely feel awful about it (I’m not good a delivering bad news) despite my treatment by a previous Arcadia brand.

Hope everyones having a crazy weekend while I work and do assignments, DAMN YOOOOU!

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