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21st August 2015 Beauty

All Natural Skincare – Frank Skincare Review


For many years, skincare was not something that excited me in the slightest. I believed it was all empty promises and clever marketing. It was only after I’d seen a specialist and my issues with acne fully explained that I realised that in my case nothing topical was going to treat the cause. I had a virus and that was that.

Because I was so focus on ridding myself of the spots that covered my skin, I never focused on actually taking care of my skin and treating it with the love and attention it deserves. I’m now over a year acne free and I’ve only just starting to accept the fact that by the looks of things, it’s not coming back so I can breath a large sigh of relief. And I Now find myself genuinely excited to try skincare and judge whether or not I see results, reap the benefits and enjoy the feelings the products on my skin. Before, I could never see past the blemishes. I can’t be the only acne sufferer to have experienced this blindness.

A couple of weeks ago I was sent the new Frank Body skincare range to try out, it’s not often that I receive skincare samples so it’s always a really exciting experience and I’m almost wishing the day away so it will be bedtime sooner and I can give them a test drive. The packaging is really beautiful and understated, its very unfussy and looks extremely cute together on the bathroom shelf, I have a thing about packaging so although irrelevant to the products benefits, it’s always a nice touch!


Creamy Face Cleanser


Following the instructions on the back of the bottle I apply the grey (yes, grey) cream all over my face in circular motions. This particular product has an earthy scent giving it that “all natural” feel which instantly makes you want to read the ingredients on the back. It contains Sweet Almond oil, coconut oil and cocoa to name but a few and all of the scary long ingredient names which you often find listed are conveniently labelled where natural or derived from, which looks to be all of them.

I follow the double cleanse instruction, as I never feel like one is enough, and it does the job perfectly without leaving my skin feeling dry and tight. It’s a really enjoyable and easy to use product without the faff of cloths or cotton pads, just some gentle massaging.


Creamy Face Scrub


For me, it isn’t morning without the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen so I definitely save this product for the early hours. Derived from the original cult beauty scrub which you will have seen Instababes the world over using,  this is the equivilent of the Coffee scrub from Frank body but for your face and I absolutely love it.

Regular readers know that I think I’m a mermaid and one of my favourite things to do when by the sea is a full body exfoliation using only the sand from the beach. And this product is my answer to my little beach beauty ritual but in the comforts of my own bathroom (and without the seaweed). The grains are fine and gentle and the scrub is again packed with a wonderful all natural list of ingredients including Arabica seed powder, Walnut shell powder and natural vitamin E which is known for healthing scarring. A great product to consider if you are looking at treating post acne scarring.

I’ve been using this product as part of my cleansing routine once or twice a week, usually when I have a special day of meetings or bookings and I want my skin to really glow. It’s one of those products that you put on and by the time you wash off you already see incredible benefits where it’s completely buffed any dead or dull skin cells away.


Everyday Face Moisturiser


As much as I love oils, there was once a time when you couldn’t get within a mile of me with anything remotely oily. As an acne sufferer, oil was always the enemy and although now I fully embrace the benefits of beauty oils, if I’m buying a moisturiser, I’m buying a moisturiser.

As an “everyday” moisturiser, it’s light and balmy and soaks easily into your skin ready for make-up application. The smell again is unoffencive and organic in fragrance.

As a whole I don’t usually like applying moisturiser more than twice per day (morning/night) but with gym sessions and post gym showers I sometimes find I need to add an extra application and this is a really great product for that as it doesn’t feel heavy or like it’s sitting on your skin so a small blob is no trouble at all even to problem skin I imagine.


From someone who thought that Frank had maybe received a bit of Instagram hype I’m really impressed with and enjoying using the products myself, especially with all the organic and natural ingredients along side the piece of mind that all the products are not tested on animals, the latter being an increasingly more important factor in my cosmetics buying requirements.

You can buy the entire Sweet Cheeks Frank Skincare range via their website


This post is in collaboration with Frank Body but all opinions are my own.

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