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21st March 2016 Outfits

5 ways to have a really great Monday


Monday’s are my absolute favourite day of the week, I know I know that’s the talk of crazy people, but I do genuinely love Mondays. I feel excited before falling asleep the night before and I set my alarm for the earliest I can possibly rise. I am full of motivation and anticipation for the week ahead, where I will be going, who I will be meeting as well as the comfort zones I will step out of and the little unexpected curve balls life will throw at me.

It makes me a little sad when I see so many people talking about “Monday blues” or how long it is until the weekend. In reality those exact thoughts are killing your productivity before you’ve even started your day let alone the week. Your Monday sets the tone for the week a head and if you get it right you can be in store for one of the best and many more to follow, so if you are looking for a change, you found one.

Changing how I felt about Monday’s really helped me excel as a person, as a professional and as an adult. I got my shit together, pardon my French, deciding to make the most out of Monday, and in return I inadvertently decided to make the most out of life too, here’s how;


I may not have entirely nailed this point just yet but with regards to how manic I get during the week, I take it a lot easier at the weekend and so should you. Allow yourself to really chill and unwind, if a glass of Prosecco is your jam then go for it, watching episode after episode on Netflix? Why not! For me it’s self indulgence at it’s finest that lets me know I’m taking some well earned rest. I like to book myself in for a full body massage and a bespoke facial for some real energising and recuperating. This differentiates your Weekends from your working week and allows you time to forget the stresses and strains of being a professional, all ready to get to it again on Monday morning.


[lem_title]Live Positively[/lem_title]

I guess this one doesn’t just count on Monday’s, you need to practice this one daily. Even on those days where you question yourself on what you did wrong in your life to deserve such bad luck, yes I do have them to, you have to remind yourself that life is so much bigger than this one day. It wont always be this hard and in fact all this will actually enable you to appreciate how good life is the majority of the time.

Aim to really practice positivity, ensure every outlet you have is a positive one. Your thoughts, your words, your status’, your tweets. You wont be perfect at it, heck I’m still not but I do my best and the impact it has had on the way I live life has been so profound.


[lem_title]Rise Early[/lem_title]

And sleeping early too for that matter! Getting up early is single handedly one of the most motivating and self satifying things I have ever done. Whenever I wake up before 6:30am I know that today is going to be a really great day. I’m in the gym for 7am and out by 8. Breakfast and a shower by 8:30 and sat at my desk with a full face of make up by 9:30. On days like these I feel unstoppable and I plough through my workload like a woman on a mission and it’s one of the best feelings because being productive and pro active motivates me even more.


[lem_title]Make Lists[/lem_title]

Make lists for everything and make them often. When I’m on the Abductor or in between Planks, on the train to London or in the queue in Selfridges, wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I need to make lists to ensure I don’t miss a thing and everything gets done. As well as lists I meticulously plan my calendar and know where I have to be and when at all times.


[lem_title]Take Regular Breaks[/lem_title]

The key to being productive on Monday is an unlikely one, taking regular breaks to ensure you head back to your tasks with fresh eyes and enthusiasm. There’s no use in working non stop for 10 hours because you will begin to feel lethargic and your productivity will undoubtedly suffer. Especially, if like me, you work at home and alone, with the exception of Lumi. In the Winter I take tea breaks on the sofa snuggled under a blanket either playing with her royal fluffiness or reading a few chapters as she snores next to me, but in the Summer I take walks in the fresh air and on some occasions I’ll take my office outside into the garden or by the pool at our gym to get a change of scenery…and a tan.


So it’s 7am when this goes live, it’s time to Nail Monday! Let me know in the comments below just how you intend to nail yours.



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