#TryTotal x PhD Woman Protein Yogurt

I have completely stolen this recipe off my Personal Trainer, Paul but I’m no domestic goddess so quick and easy recipes are most definitely my thang.

Half a tub of Total 0% greek yogurt
One scoop of PhD Woman – Vanilla Creme Support & Recovery Protein Powder
A splash or two of Coconut Dream – Rice & Coconut milk
Granola/fruit Topping of choice (if required)

1. Add Total 0% Greek Yogurt to one Scoop of PhD Woman Support & Recovery making sure there are no lumps left.
2. Add a splash or two of Coconut Dream milk until smooth.
3. Add topping, or just consume as is.

I add one scoop of protein powder to really kick my sweet cravings but if you find this too over baring just add in and sample as you go. I personally enjoy this first thing in the morning or as one of my “Not so Naughty” Snacks or puddings.
Will you be giving this recipe a go?
Let me know how you get on in a comment below I really value your feedback.