Dress & Necklace – C/O ROMWE    Shoes – Office    Bag, Cuffs, Rings – H&M    Bag Charm – eBay
I cannot believe I now have the pleasure of collaborating with online MEGA store Romwe
In all seriousness this is amazing, it took me like 2 weeks to be able to choose the items because my list was as long as my arm. I ended up settling on this grey jersey dress which I think is me channeling my inner Ibiza-Girl, that’s gonna be something I find hard to let go of…News Flash…Last summer as it turns out was my last summer on the White Island…It’s time to grow up and get me a proper job…BOO HOO!
Gonna keep this post short for you, mainly because I have been non-stop typing for the past 3 days t
so gimmie a dayam break!!!

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