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8th September 2017 Outfits


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This post is in collaboration with CLUSE.

Back in January I wrote a post about everything I'd learnt in 2016. writing it was incredibly therapeutic and I decided it was something I should do more often. Therefore, I give you 17 things I learnt in 2017 and you can expect the next edition this coming January.

"If you're not moving forward, you're standing still."

Growth and change is all part of the progression when its so easy to assume you already know it all. Embracing my naivety more and the experiences which present themselves I'm learning from mistakes and continuing to move forward no matter what happens.  
  1. You can face your fears and win.
I spent a long time being afraid of a lot of stuff and luckily I chose not to let a lot of those fears hold me back, except spiders there ain't no way I'm facing them head on. For a long time I stopped seeing the world and travelling to new destinations. Convinced I'd never last long haul. This year alone I'm on my third trip to the US, finally have the Maldives under my belt and in 36 hours I saw Norway via air, land and see. Travel anxiety can officially do one!   2. Sorry It's hard to say it but it's even harder to accept it and move the hell on. Lydia test-7 Lydia test-1 Lydia test-5 3. I have amazing friends I always thought I was terrible at making friends. I convince myself that everyone hates me before they've even met me, OK sometimes they do but thats OK because you don't need the kind of people that wont give you chance. What you do need though is good people and I learnt how fortunate I am to have the girls I have in my life already. The girls who knew me when I was even more embarrassing than I am now. The girls who have been there despite me not having a social life for the past 3 years but still messaged me every weekend just to check in. I realised that my heart is full and my circle is amazing.   4. People will try and stop you It's sad but it's true and it's probably been one of the most disappointing lessons I learnt this Summer. At points I genuinely felt like David and Goliath. Me Vs Huge establishments. But what matters most is how well you walk through the fire.   5. Accept Help.   6. Compliment people.   7. Grandparents are the most special and magical humans on the earth.   8. Remember what I said about buying the bag? Do it. Buy it! And wear it to your hearts content. And then...when you get bored of it...sell it on depop. Lydia test-11 Lydia test-9 Lydia test-13 Lydia test-2 Lydia test-6 9.  Theres a lot to be said for the uplifting powers of a fresh bunch of flowers and a posh candle.   10. Celebrate success I was always told growing up that we work for what we want and we don't expect hand outs from anyone. Celebrate that!   11. The best Ideas come right before you fall asleep.   12. Time is so precious. Not just my own but that of those around me. So a huge part of the reason I was able to finally have someone come and help me on a daily basis, was so that I had more time with the people who mean the most. I wish I could keep the image of the way my Nonna's face lights up as I walk through her front door.   13. Early nights and early rises are incredible for productivity levels.   14. Everyone has days where they don't want to get out of bed. And it's good to listen to your body on those days.   15. You can never have too many nude lipsticks.   16.  A good skincare routine is not a luxury, it is a necessity.  









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