Kicks – C/O TK Maxx    Sports bra – Nike    Leggings and Cami – Primark    Gloves – Milton Keynes market (£5 BARGAIN)

I know what you’re thinking “Has her boyfriend changed his hair?” but no ladies that isn’t my boyfriend. I thought it was about time that I brought you all up to speed on my new training and nutrition plan that I’ve been on for a good few weeks now as I’ve remained pretty tight lipped on the subject so far.
Well first things first, I bit the bullet and got myself a Personal Trainer, Everyone say Hi to Paul! I was kind of against the idea as I’d found, what I felt to be, sufficient information online…however I had to admit it, my workout has stagnated and although the area’s I wanted to improve (mainly the bootay) had seen an improvement I felt like I was killing myself for very little gains.
He’s completely flipped reversed my plan since learning about my niggling issues such as my skin as well as remaining understanding to my paranoia with food (I’m still adjusting) and I’m really getting into the rhythm of it and starting to see the results the uneducated me wasn’t achieving.
So I thought it was a good time to introduce you all to Paul, as together we are working on a little suttin’ suttin’ for those of you who have shown an interest in my workout and nutrition plan. 

So Paul, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and how we got to work together?
Well, I own a company called Athletic Fitness & Nutrition and we provide bespoke nutritional advice and personal training for clients. That’s the boring answer, basically we get people healthy and fit and often times clear up some real poor health issues clients usually come to us with. The amazing thing is many clients don’t even realise they have underlying issues when they come to us.
I write a blog for the biggest health food chain in Kenya (well I guess someone has too) and have world champions as clients as well as the everyday guy and gal who just want some real advice that works. Oh and I’ve just had a London 2012 gold medalist come to me for his nutrition in his new pro career, he’s a very promising up and coming boxer.
I’m also an ambassador for True Performance Nutrition which is owned by Rob Riches and usually talk at his Fitness Model Workshops here in the UK.
We got to work together because you came to me and said, ‘I want a booty that people can eat their dinner off!’ do you remember that? LOL I remember thinking ‘really? Why would you want that? But hey, each to her own!’
So we got talking and as with many clients I found out that there were some underlying health issues you had which you would like to sort out.
From there we spent some time going through a series of all over body exercises focusing on strength and conditioning so that we could get a good base to work from moving forward. I also put together a totally revamped nutritional plan for you to follow which was created to address your particular health issues.
And that kind of brings us up to date, I think?
Yes it does, what is your plan for me from here on then? Will I be getting the booty of my dreams?

LOL, I think you’ll get the body you want and more! Firstly I really want to address your health and clear up these niggling issues you have. We are also going to do a lot more work on your training so that you get that athletic, lean look you’re after while increasing your strength. No good having an amazing body if you can’t do anything with it!

Eeep!! sounds amazing, I can’t wait to see the end results!

We will soon see some changes and as you are so keen on posting photo’s I think we will be getting some awesome shots over the coming weeks for your followers. Think you can’t do a pull up? Watch this space.

OK you’re on Paul, the day I, Miss ‘Puniverse’, can do a pull-up I will post the video to my blog!
Can we help my followers if they need advice on training or nutrition?

Sure thing, if they email in their questions to youI’ll take a look at them and answer as many as I can or where needed produce bespoke plans for those wanting the same concept as you. Maybe you can post some of the Q+A’s on here so that everyone can benefit.

Thanks Paul!


  1. Lisa Goodman 20th August 2013 / 4:58 pm

    You have a really amazing figure and muscle tone, exactly what I’m hoping to achieve in the gym!! What’s your typical work out on an average day (obviously I understand that it’s good to mix it up a bit), how much do you lift and how many reps? I think I need to book myself a PT appointment at my gym, you’ve given me a lot of inspiration!

    P.S. Started following you on Instagram today, hope you don’t think I’m being a stalker!


  2. Shelice Doyle 21st August 2013 / 9:51 pm

    You are such an insperation to me! And youre SO pretty. Thank you for all your blog posts and IG pictures! Im getting closer to my goal of what I want for myself, some parts could use a little work like my meal planning but Im getting better!

  3. Jen - Kitsch N Sync 24th August 2013 / 7:07 pm

    Probably a really crap question, but I’m new to all this and I have only just recently joined the gym!

    When I’m doing weights for weight loss/toning is it better for me to do lots of reps with a lighter weight I can manage easier, or less reps with a heavier weight?

    Sorry if the answers pretty obvious – I’m new and have a lot to learn!

    You look great – and I love that your gloves were only a fiver from the market!
    Jen xx

  4. Kangju 15th September 2013 / 1:50 pm

    You’re inspiring <3

  5. Anonymous 16th September 2013 / 6:52 pm

    Yer trainer’s staring at yer tits, luv…

  6. Anonymous 26th October 2013 / 5:03 pm

    He’s totally staring at ur boobs!

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