There’s nothing quite like finding your dream dress; white a flowy, big beautiful bow ties, shirred bodice, of course midi length and not to mention incredibly comfortable which is always an added bonus when a dress is this beautiful, I was rather smug to say the least. You’ll be pleased to know though that my smugness was short lived when this morning I discovered the brand had released a dress just as beautiful and perfect as this one…in the most perfect shade of Sage!

So now I need your help, do I purchase the Sage dress of dreams or do I accept my fate with my original choice? Let me know in the comments below!

To be perfectly honest with you, this style of dress is incredibly timeless so I definitely think I’d get the wear out of both especially as its so flattering and with a weekend of wonderful hot weather ahead of us I’m sure I’ll find the perfect occasions for both. To say I have a talent for justifying even the most unnecessary of purchases is an understatement.


What does your dream dress look like? Is there one style you simply can’t resist?