Well I never thought I’d see the day I’d be rocking a head to toe mint outfit but here we are. I’ve honest reached the stage where I feel like my Winter and Summer styles are that of two different people, almost like two different identities and I’ve got to say, it keeps fashion and style fresh and exciting for me. This outfit is definitely representative of the two styles merging through Spring, with beautiful femininity in the pastel  nod to Summer but the powerful and structured silhouette keep Winter’s style alive just a little longer. Of course Max Mara delivers season on season.


But outfit aside, how is your Sunday shaping up? I think the enormity of this has set in for most and despite the glorious weather, most of us are staying home and doing the right thing. How are you choosing to keep occupied? I’ve ran 15K this weekend alone and I owe it all to the weather because I actually didn’t set foot outside my front door all week, as soon as the sun comes out, there’s no stopping my running and it feels  incredible. I’ve also been baking, cooking and cleaning as I always like to keep my weekends separate to work, it does wonders for my productivity during the week.  Now I’m going to curl up on the sun-loungers with a book and an iced Lemon and Ginger tea whilst we await our Sunday roast to be delivered.


How are you being productive at weekends? What life admin are you powering through? Have you found any good recipes? Let me know in the comments!