Even I feel different when this time of year rolls around. Despite being on a major come down from the best day of my life, our wedding, we're also in this weird time between the warm, cosy, family focused vibes of Christmas and the long hot Summer of 2018.

Even the weather feels different. In December it felt sunny and crisp whereas now it feels dark and wet. I'm trying my best to put a positive spin on things but sometimes I need a little extra help and there are a few little luxuries that I reach for on those days where I need a little pick me up. I can already sense a few eye rolls on the horizons, so for the sake of no one giving themselves a nose bleed, this is all just a little bit of life indulgence and by no means a suggestion to help anything other than the need for a little bit of pampering. Which, might I add, we all deserve once in a while.



Popping on a fresh set of PJ's at the end of the day or the middle of the afternoon if that is your jam, is one of my favourite things in the world. My pyjama wardrobe now regularly rivals my every day wardrobe and whilst some might say it's a sign of getting older, I like to think that posh pyjamas are a sign of a woman who has her priorities straight. Silky piped two pieces have always been my tipple of choice when it comes to Spring/Summer but you can now grab cosier piped options too as well as some uber comfy fleece options. There's also those times when you want a little more skin on show and below I've compiled the best of the best.






So, it can't just be me who likes to buy over priced candles and. never. burn. them? I didn't think so.

And to be perfectly honest with you, there is something truly exhilarating about actually burning them, but only when you absolutely need to. Whether it's on one of those days whilst sat at your desk where nothing seems to be going right, lighting one of my favourite candles can help transport you to somewhere other than that moment, even if it is just for a short while. I hoard candles like theres no tomorrow so below you will find some of my favourites to blow the budget on.




This is something I only realised recently is one of my "Little Luxuries" in life and always find myself reaching for whenever I need a little indulgence in my day. Working from home means I'm able to cover myself in whichever body oil I choose and marinate in it whilst responding to e-mails. But that doesn't mean you can't marinate a little too so rub in some of your favourite, pop on the snuggliest dressing gown, see No.4, and relax whilst watching your favourite Netflix series.






Much like it's cousin, pyjamas, lounge wear is another little luxury in life that no one should go without.

From cashmere to slippers to dressing gowns and joggers if you read here regularly, you already know my stance on this. It's the first thing I think of when I walk through the front door, like a moth to a flame I gravitate to my lounge wear drawer and before you can say "soft fluffy snuggly stuff" I'm in it and perched in front of the TV. My only suggestion is, buy your lounge wear as pretty as possible, it makes answering the front door far less shameful.



There are some days where you can't wait to get up in the morning and put your make-up on. But recently I've been embracing more "No make-up Days" than ever before. Opting for a swipe of concealer, a splodge of illuminator and a dash of bronzer to wake my face up without a full face. Come 3pm after a day sat at the computer, the little luxury is being able to rub your tired eyes without looking like a panda.

The Big luxury is beautiful skin!



I do a lot of work on myself to ensure I enjoy the little things in life always, but these are just a few little things that make a big difference on the days where I really need it. What are your Little Luxuries that make a big difference?