Trousers – c/o French Conncection    Clutch – c/o Glassworks    Beanie – Zara    Jumper – H&M    iPhone Case – Gift    Shoes – H&M
White trousers x Lydia Elise Millen is no doubt, a recipe for disaster but those zips man…those silver zips and razor sharp front creases just sucked me in. I have a feeling they will inevitably spit me back out aswell. It feels slightly strange to be in such loose fitting attire I can’t lie. Being a girl who once lived in disco pants its a large leap to take but the comfort was much appreciated this sunny Sunday passed.
I took my new clutch from Glassworks out with me as it fit my many tech devices seamlessly and meant I didn’t lug around my usual mound of unnecessary rubbish. I’d like to draw your attention to one particular picture, the one where I’m actually smiling. I believe it’s a first on my blog so play nice now.