When it comes to Sunglasses I’ve had it drummed into me by my Mum from a young age that you cannot put a price on a good pair of lenses, so I always find myself drawn to the Designer Sunglasses section whenever shopping for new additions to the every growing collection, I thought I’d show you some of a selection of my faves from online sunglasses HEAVEN Sunglasses-shop.co.uk

I actually managed to nab myself a pair of Gucci Sunglasses similar to these Gucci Aviator Sunglasses (I die at my luck sometimes I really do) from the lovely people at Sunglasses Shop which I will doing a spesh lil blog post on soon seeing as we are actually seeing intervals of sun at present.
You should see me in my lil mini coop and new sunnies, I look feel so Gangsta n sh*t!