Faux Sherling coat – C/O HAUTE DEMAND    Bag – C/O MARC B    Disco Pants – American apparel    Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell   Bag Charm & T shirt – eBay

I don’t know if I’ve ever fully expressed my profound love for Twitter, if I haven’t I.m sure, as the sky is blue (sometimes) gonna now.
There I was a few weeks back, Tweeting incessantly about really important issues like handbags and shoes when I saw a new follower (this does happen sometimes) appear in my interactions…an online store you say? Clothing you say? WOMENS?! And off I clicked through the HAUTE DEMAND stock….I stumbled across this coat and decided that it possessed such beauty that I couldn’t not inform this new follower of just how beautiful it was…like she didn’t already know? Anywhooo about a week and a half later it is delivered to me along with a whole host of other items I decided to buy and I made her shove in the bag.
So basically yeah, if it wasn’t for Twitter, myself and this cosey coat wouldn’t be together and that would juuust be horrific no?
Rant over, just don’t forget about my LOVE GIVEAWAY as it ends in 3 days!!