Jumper – C/O LAVISH ALICE    Bag – C/O ROMWE    Disco Pants – American Apparel    Hat – H&M   Shoes – Ebay    Arm swag – Gifts
This is a bit on the late side, big sloppy apologies to the LAVISH ALICE crew on that one, unfortunately it’s all a bit mental at my end! 
However, it’s friggin cooooooold out there I’m not moaning as I love Autumn, you see the most beautiful sun rises at this time of year and its also an excuse for gorgeous statement knitwear like this beaut I’m bustin’ out!
I’ve kept it all pretty simple as it’s about all I can do simply at the moment but ho hum you can never EVER go wrong with black.
Also check out that arm swag, fresh MK time keeping!

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