Scrub & Glow – Buffing your way to beautiful skin

I’m that kind of person who when told not to do something, gets over whelming urges to do exactly that. So where my exfoliating routine existed, calling it a routine is a little generous. But the moment my dermatologist told me I wouldn’t be allowed to exfoliate my skin for 6 months, all I could think of was beautifully buffed skin. I truly learnt in those long months, what a both instant and long term impact exfoliation has on your skin tone and I’m not sure there are any scrubs out there more effective with 100% natural exfoliants than St.Ives. Throughout my teens I swore by this product and it’s a joy having it back in my bathroom cabinet for the occasions when I really want to get my glow on. So naturally, I jumped at the chance to head down to a super cool London studio and go behind the scenes of their latest shoot with the new Ambassador for the brand, Binky Felstead.

I only recently got into watching her on my TV however I was well aware of Binky’s stunning complexion and natural glow.  But like me, Binky had also suffered with her skin and under gone rigorous treatments so I was very excited to get the opportunity to hear all about her secret weapons and favourite products from the St. Ives range. So now you can come behind the scenes with me and see just how incredible she looked because I vlogged the entire day!


You can follow the St.Ives #GetYourGlowOn campaign over on @StIvesSkinUK

This post is in Collaboration with St. Ives but all opinions & experiences are my own.


  1. Adele 12th November 2015 / 8:07 am

    I loved the vlog Lydia. It must have been fab to get behind the scenes access. I’ve never tried St Ives before, I love my Clarins scrubs.
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  2. Anna @ Glam Up North 12th November 2015 / 12:19 pm

    I’ve recently come across your blog and Instagram/Snapchat accounts Lydia and I’m loving following you! Really enjoyed this vlog too! I religiously exfoliate my skin twice a week and always feel so much better for it. I adore Forever Living products which are all natural. After suffering with terrible skin throughout my teens I feel I’ve finally found the products that work for me and it makes such a difference – I even go make-up free sometimes (unheard of for me before!!!)

  3. Liza 12th November 2015 / 1:52 pm

    Your skin always looks incredible so I’m going to have to try this now! Gorgeous as always

  4. Stasja 12th November 2015 / 9:06 pm

    Loved this video but how can I not with you and Binky in there! 🙂 I remember once using a St.Ives scrub and really liking it, too bad they don’t sell it here.

  5. Femke 15th November 2015 / 1:48 pm

    Love the vlog!

  6. Miki 24th November 2015 / 6:13 am

    I seriously struggle with my skin. If I stop working out for a bit, I start to break out even more. I love St. Ives, but my facialist advised against using it because it can be rough on the skin. I love that my skin feels so clean after using it though, and I can’t help it going back to it every few months. 🙂 – guilty –


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