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About Lydia

Welcome to my little corner of the internet and the place that I’ve called home for over a decade now!

Whether you’ve followed my story on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok (or you just so happen to have stumbled upon my page randomly now – if so, hello and welcome!), I’ve spent the past decade sharing my life online and this website – aka. My blog and the one platform that officially belongs to me – just so happens to be where it all started.

It also happens to be the main ‘hub’ where you can access every aspect of my world online…

It’s here that I started blogging as a student over a decade ago. About fashion, fitness, beauty and my day-to-day life. Since then, having gone on to work with industry giants like Karen Millen, Farfetch, Intimissimi, Bulgari, Cult Beauty and St Tropez (pinch me!) it’s evolved into a career that 23-year-old Lydia could only ever have dreamed of… and a life in the English countryside with my husband and fur babies that brings me so much joy.

A life, I must add, that we welcome you into on YouTube each week!

As the seasons unfold, every month I open a new chapter on here and throughout the weeks, share everything from my latest loves and discoveries to my thoughts, hopes and plans for the future. Inspired heavily by the ever-changing seasons and nature around us, my hope is that it provides you with a space to get advice on everything from fashion, beauty and interior design to wellness and gardening (should you be seeking it, that is!) Failing that, fingers crossed it’s somewhere you can turn to for some much-needed escapism whilst you sip on that all-important first coffee of the day (I’m a black Americano girl myself!)

Lydia Millen on Youtube

To say that I’m grateful for the community we’ve created on here would be downplaying it somewhat. With that said, there’s nothing I love more than hearing from you and listening to your ideas so if you have any questions, feedback or you just want to say hello, my inbox is always open. Between me and my team, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For now though, enjoy nosying around on here!

I look forward to welcoming you into my world.

Lydia xx

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you start blogging and do you have any tips?

I started blogging 10 years ago as a student! I’d got myself into a bit of a funk and needed to feel inspired again so started by sharing charity shop finds and how I upcycled clothes that had sat in my wardrobe for years. Having coded my own websites since I was 13 (albeit badly) and used them as an online diary to document my thoughts and life, blogging always came naturally to me so I kept it up after uni, alongside my full-time job in e-commerce. Unlike so many creators in the space at the time (who lived at home so found the transition into full-time content creation much easier) I had a full-time job and a mortgage to pay so made sure that I had every base covered before I went full time in 2016. Since then, I’ve never looked back and feel so passionately about the industry and proud to have played a small part in its beginnings.

What are your stats? (age, height, weight etc)

I’m 5ft 7” and can honestly say that I have no idea how much I weigh. I like to feel healthy and confident in my clothes so I eat well and exercise to achieve this without numbers. As for my age, I’m 34 years young and feel grateful that I feel more and more comfortable in my own skin with every year that passes. 

Who takes your pictures and what equipment do you use?

My tripod and I capture the bulk majority of my content but I occasionally hand over the reins to my long suffering husband, Ali! I also love to work alongside photographers (here’s looking at you @katherineboylephotography) as I thrive off of the creative energy they bring to shoots.

Equipment wise, I’m a Canon girl through and through. In fact, I spent the pay cheque from my first big campaign on a Canon 5D MK iii which I still have to this day. Even though it looks and feels so clunky nowadays (it doesn’t even pair with an iPhone!), it was a real career milestone for me so I couldn’t bear to part with it. My favourite lens for it is the 50mm 1.4 – an icon from the early blogging years! And I shoot all video and vlog content with the Canon G7X mk ii – aka. My trusty side kick. Though they don’t always last that long (in fairness, vlogging around the clock demands a whole lot from them), their performance is unrivalled. Finally, I reach for my M50 with interchangeable lenses when I’m looking for an easy, on the go content camera. It gives a professional finish whilst remaining compact.

What is the inspiration behind your style?

The annual seasons, without a doubt. I’m completely enchanted by them and find so much beauty in how the colours, textures and tones of nature evolve throughout the year. So much so that I try and use as much natural texture and tone in our home, to mirror nature and blur the lines between indoors and out. For my personal style you can expect to see botanicals and florals across lightweight linens and sheer organza fabrics in Spring and Summer. Come Autumn and Winter, deep earthy tones and heavier wools and cashmere come out to play.

I would love for you to try my brand/ product! How can I go about doing this?

Firstly, thank you so much for thinking of me! I’m so honoured you would like my opinion on something you’ve decided to launch. Given that I’m lucky enough to receive a large number of product review requests but only have one face and body to try them on (first world problems, I know!) please do reach out via the ‘Contact page’ and one of my team will get back to you asap. Hopefully we can work together soon.

Where is 'X' from on your Instagram/ YouTube content?

All products will be linked at the bottom of my YouTube videos if they’re still available. For Instagram, I try to tag any featured brands. I also add everything to my Shop page here. I hope that helps!


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