Bread! That stodgy white fluffy cloud of happiness. It brings me so much happiness, yet so much pain at the same time. Without going all TMI, my mouth loves it more than pudding but my tummy hates it with passion. But despite the latter my love is unwavering.

I’d recently found some gluten free alternatives to satisfy my need for the fluffy stuff but wraps are big business in our house hold. From Mexican nights-in to Peanut butter rolls on the go they really are a quick and easy option for snacks and meals the like. When I received the stack of these Newburn Bakehouse mini wholegrain wraps “made with ancient grains” from Warburtons I knew we were going to get on swimmingly.  Ancient grains are said to release energy slowly as the grain comes unrefined and whole which means they retain all their natural nutrients and goodness. This is a great way to ensure your energy levels keep you going throughout the day to day’s of life as well as into those evening gym sessions.

There is always a tub of Nutella in our house, we ration it well and due to it being gluten free also its the perfect option for a little naughtiness as and when we need it and with a teaspoon being only 34Kcal its great the perfect not-so-naughty gluten free spread to pop upon my new gluten free wraps and then stuff with as many fresh berries as possible.