Diet coke1 Diet Coke2diet coke dualdiet coke4Diet Coke 8Another manic week has past, I’m almost getting used to being here there and everywhere. But whenever I get a chance, I drag Ali out of the gym to the surround area’s by our home. It’s actually incredibly beautiful with rows of tall boulevard trees and vast lakes, it all makes escaping the madness for just a little while possible. But nothing can take away the excitement of sharing some of the projects I have been working on with some incredible brands. These last few months have been some of the best yet with and so much has changed, it is taking some time to adjust and even though I’ve been blogging here for 2 and a half years, it almost feels like it’s only just beginning!



Shirt – H&M     Shorts – SheInside    Shoes – Ash @ Thackerays    Bag – Gucci     Watch – Michael Kors    Sunglasses – SheInside