Ok, This is tough…I feel so friggin’ grumpy tonight it’s unreal. I actually just want to wallow in a hole of self pity until the morning, I should feel better then right?

I wasn’t gonna post tonight because I needed some love but then I got a lovely tweet from Sarah from which reminded me to keep going…Positive mental attitude ahhaha!! Thanks Sarah.x
Last night I was reading the news in bed (a weird little habit I have thanks to the Daily Mail iPhone app) and I came across the article about Rick Genest and Andrej Pejic modelling for the new Auslander campaign. Now I’ve never been very fond of the whole thing Andrej Pejic has going on as I feel its hard enough being a girl in these times without designers deciding to showcase their women’s wear designs on a 20 yr old boy (although i totally get his appeal). But I cannot deny how much I love the shots, Andrej is undeniably beautiful and the contrast between him and Rick Genest is so striking. 
I posted, I feel slightly better. I’m off out for some drinks tomorrow so maybe I’ll do a post after that, do people drink and blog? I might start a trend.
Night all x


  1. Sarah 28th October 2011 / 9:50 pm

    I haven’t drank and blogged, yet! Tweets on the other hand….
    I love your thoughts on Andrej wearing women’s clothes, it made me laugh! I really like these photos, crazy models!

    Feel better, vodka is the answer! Whoop!

  2. Holly Arabella 6th November 2011 / 8:51 pm

    I love these pictures, hope you’re feeling better! I’ve not blogged for ages for some reason, sometimes I feel to merhh to do it.

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