Is blogging twice in one day a sign of dedication or of a need for a life? I’ve been toying with this for a number of hours now….yes hours.

Anywhooo, another thing that’s been playing on my mind recently is the notion of being over dressed. I see a lot of students on both lookbook and blogger appearing to rock heels every day. This is a habit I have (I just feel dumpy if I haven’t got 2 or 3 inches under foot) I’ll shop in heels, pretend to listen in lectures in heels and pick my sister up from school in heels, without a second thought. Then a few weeks ago I met someone who said when in conversation “Oh yeah your the girl that always wears heels to Uni!” and I was a bit like….errr I’m known for this? It’s something strange? should I not?
I mean I know The University of Northampton isn’t the most fashionable Uni out there…especially when you take into account the amount of god awful Paul’s boutique bags there are being dragged from lecture theater to lecture theater. But still I don’t get this notion that we should drag ourselves to University similarly to the way we drag our selves from bed. Yes Uggs are comfortable to walk in but do you really feel comfortable as a person, like your representing who you are? Am I being completely materialistic in this thought? I seriously need some feedback on this one, tell me your thoughts!!!!!!!

p.s. following the purchase of my Topshop boutique boots I simply had to have some Pleather trousers to rock them with….

and Yes I will be donning the get up to uni 🙂


  1. Lauren ? 24th October 2011 / 5:46 pm

    Oh, I was that girl too. I had to walk about twenty minutes to and from the train station to get to uni every day adn everyone was like, ‘how do you do that in heels?? How do you drive in heels? Do you always wear heels??’ – I always wondered what the obsession was..! =p

    ~ Lauren <3


  2. Tanice talks about things. 16th April 2012 / 10:04 am

    Hi I just discovered your blog (love it by the way) & love this post. I live in Northampton & go to uni there too…& your right! You should dress how you want to & if wearing heels makes it easier to get out of bed at 8am to go to lectures I would do it!

    My friends always say I look overdressed for uni. Now I don’t wear heels daily as I’m 5″10 and people around here think they have they right to comment on your height and make me feel giant-like, but I do enjoy a full face of make up and accessories to make me feel well….alive! All my friends rock up to uni in jeans, converse and hoodies which I would not be caught dead in!

    Tanice x


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